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  • Our Motto: More than 3 Words
    Unity Bring back the Founders vision of “UNITY” to CCWM Assist one another in good and bad times. Transparency Having an open window, showing the in and out of financial activities. Integrity People of character counts and trustworthy.
  • Our Action Plan: The 4 Main Goals
    Increase Membership Building Acquisition Improve Social Aspect Promote Entrepreneurship
  • Our Community: Our Strongest Asset
    All we have is Us! Working together made everything possible and new heights await us all in this new era. Join our activities, feel free to send us your suggestions of projects and programs and take part in all events to show your support to our members in need. Congolese of the DMV area, the CCWM is your organization and we need all members of the community to build the perfect tool to support our diaspora in the USA. We are always available via phone, email, FB and WhatsApp and our local representatives will assist you in the best way possible. Get in touch! CCWM Executive Committe +1-800-404-4238
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