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Dear CCWM Members,

We are pleased to announce the validated and successful candidates for the CCWM leadership elections.

1. For the position of President of the Executive Committee (With composition of the bureau)

President: Mr. Claude Kamana Ukiteyedi

Vice President: Mr. Ilo Mituba Mutombo

Secretary General: Ms. Mireille Lendo

Treasurer: Mrs. Betty Osias

2. In the position of President and members of the Board of Directors

President: Mr. Dady Djamba

Member 1: Mrs. Nathalie Tshibuyi

Member 2: Mr. Zoe Adjanga

Member 3: Mrs. Annie Landu

Member 4: Mrs. Micheline Anzaya

Member 5: Mr. Marcel Kakwata (CF)

Member 6: Mr. Eddie Kabwasa (CF)

Member 7: Mr. John Musanzi (CF)

Member 8:

Member 9:

The CCWM R.O.I recommend a minimum of 9 members in the Board of Directors, we recommend that the first General Assembly of the new elected committee resolve/deals with this issue.

Finally, we thank all the candidates selected for their availability and love of serving our community.

They can already start their election campaign tomorrow, November 22, 2022.

Please also consult the attached electoral calendar for important dates.

For more information or clarification, do not hesitate to contact us.


The Electoral Commission

Rachel Lokanga, PhD (President)

Jean Jean Mbuyamba (Vice-president)

Kurz Ndandu (Secretary)

Tekele Ghonda (Examiner)

Melly Ntalu (Examiner)

Ayo Jean Louis Mafema (Examiner)

Ester Kiala (Examiner)


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