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Upcoming: Election Day


51 University Blvd E, Silver Spring, MD 20901-2451, United States

Dimanche 2 décembre 2018 de 13:30 EST à 20:30 EST

Prix : Gratuit · Durée : 7 h


· Tout le monde (avec ou sans compte Facebook) Let's come together as a community to elect a new executive committee as well as new board members.


1) Election of the 3rd President of CCWM. We have a unique Candidate: Claudine Sassa-Alula.

2) Election of the President of the Board of Directors: there will be the election of the President of the Board of Directors on December 2, 2018. We have 3 Candidates for this position: Dady Djamba, Diane Clarisse Yolo, and Babeth Ebeka-Mulumba. Whoever will have the large number of votes will be plebiscite President of the Board of Directors, while the others will be simple members of the Board.


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