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Unification of the Congolese Diaspora in the Washington Metropolitan Area aka The DMV. Collaborative support of the community by dynamic actions rooted in the traditions of the Congo.

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The Congolese Community of Washington Metropolitan (CCWM) is excited to be a charitable organization that always looks forward to becoming an integral part of the experience of all Congolese immigrants and people of Congolese heritage living in the DMV area. The organization focuses not only on encouraging the social promotion of Congolese immigrants but also on promoting solidarity among them and the positive aspects of the Congolese heritage.


The Congolese Community of Washington Metropolitan (CCWM) was formed in response to the lack of a structured organization that could not only promote the interests and heritage of Congolese immigrants living in the DMV area, but also encourage social solidarity among them. 


CCWM is also an army of volunteers who fight for a common cause in an environment where each one can help. An injury to one Congolese is an injury to all. Members do volunteering for different tasks. Some assist in managing departments and events launched by CCWM like assistance and placement program, educational and cultural programs, and congolese entrepreneurship, youth and women empowerment, etc. They serve in different capacities within established departments, commissions.



In December 2013, a group of Congolese in the Washington Metropolitan area (DC, VA, MD) gathered in Chevy Chase, MD and started to consider mechanisms that would need to be put in place in order to achieve the long-held dream of having our own Congolese organization for the DMV zone.

This meeting followed the agreement reached a few weeks earlier, regarding the creation of an organization uniting all Congolese. 


After a year of meetings, discussions and community outreach, the first election of the CCWM took place on January 18th, 2015 and Jean Mayaka became the first President.


The CCWM Award for Serving our Community

Our Story


Executive Committe


Board of Directors

CCWM is a registered 501(c)(3) organization in the USA, with objectives to: 


  • Provide access to education for Congolese adults and children in Congolese national languages and culture, French and English;

  • Contribute to enhance the sentiments of love, respect, dignity and social solidarity among Congolese people in general and its members in particular;

  • Establish a Congolese Community Center; 

  • Organize some educational and informative activities and conferences; 

  • Recognize the merits of its members who excel in the area of their activities; 

  • Encourage the promotion of Congolese businesses and entrepreneurship development in America, in Democratic Republic of Congo and around the world; 

  • Celebrate Congolese national holidays; 

  • Assist in combating the deterioration in the areas of health and education in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; 

  • Participate in any activity that is not inconsistent with the section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and applicable to the states laws.


7201 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 440 

Bethesda, MD 20814, USA 


Phone: 1-800-404-4238 



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