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CCWM's  Independent Electoral Commission

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We wish to underline the dedication of the CCWM Founders and the many members of our community who stay involved in the CCWM activities all year long.

Sunday, December 18th 
2PM - 7PM
Casey Community Center 
810 S Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg, MD 20877

​Criteria for voting in the elections of 11/12/2022

CCWM Members will exercise their right to vote in the 2022 CCWM elections.


Voters will cast their ballots at the Casey Community Center from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM on December 18th. 

ALL ELLIGIBLE CCWM MEMBERS will receive a generated code and secured link to allow access to ONLINE VOTING .


Eligibility criteria:

  • Be 18 years or older

  • Be a resident of DC, Maryland, or Virginia

  • Be an active member of the organization and approved by the Executive Committee

  • Be in good standing with the organization

  • Members who have completed their membership forms, but are late in dues, pay $10 before voting

  • Be of Congolese/DRC origin

  • New Member (on election day) :
    Pay $20 ($10 membership fee & $10 for voting rights) to the Electoral Commission.

  • All Members registered by Saturday December 17th 2022 at 12 PM are eligible to vote online.  

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) 

Rachel Lokanga, PhD   (President)

Jean Jean Mbuyamba  (Vice-president)

Kurz Ndandu  (Secretary)

Tekele Ghonda  (Examiner)

Melly Ntalu  (Examiner)

Ayo Jean Louis Mafema  (Examiner)

Ester Kiala  (Examiner)


All New Members must fill out the CCWM MEMBERSHIP Application Form on the NEW MEMBER's PAGE (Click Here) and pay $20.00 for Voting Right Right & One time application fee. You will also select your level of contribution amoung our Membership categories.


Your CCWM Membership contributions must be up to date in order to be eligible to vote at the CCWM elections. 

If you are an Active CCWM Member with late payments, you can pay $10.00 to gain access to the voting priviledge while regulating your balance with the administration.

Click VOTE REGISTRATION to pay now :

The Electoral Commission is working to update the voters list and to facilitate eligible members identification. Please contact us directly with your proof of payment if you don't see your name on the list, or contact the Executive Committee to adjust your account.

CCWM Infoline




Our monthly contribution to

 support CCWM's activities! 

Standard Categories

Individual Membership  ($15/mo.) 

For a DMV Congolese resident. 
(D.C. Maryland Virginia)

(or $180 Annual Contribution)

Family Membership  ($45/mo.) 

For a DMV Congolese family. 
(1 or 2 adults + 2 children)

(or $540 Annual Contribution) 

*All new members must pay the $10 one time application fee + $10 for Voting right. The CCWM Membership Application form to fill out is on the New Member's page.

Other Categories

Activist Membership  ($65/mo.) 
For a DMV Congolese worker who can afford to chip in a bit more. 

Angel Membership  ($100/mo.) 
For any big hearted supporter or  Congolese entrepreneur or business in DMV and outside. 

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