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Our monthly contribution to

 support CCWM's activities! 

Standard Categories

Individual Membership  ($15/mo.) 

For a DMV Congolese resident. 
(D.C. Maryland Virginia)

(or $180 Annual Contribution)

Family Membership  ($45/mo.) 

For a DMV Congolese family. 
(1 or 2 adults + 2 children)

(or $540 Annual Contribution) 

*All new members must pay the $10 one time application fee + $10 for Voting right. The CCWM Membership Application form to fill out is on the New Member's page.

Other Categories

Activist Membership  ($65/mo.) 
For a DMV Congolese worker who can afford to chip in a bit more. 

Angel Membership  ($100/mo.) 
For any big hearted supporter or  Congolese entrepreneur or business in DMV and around the world. 

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standard membership
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CCWM Volunteers November 23 2019 Thanksg

Why Should You Care?

A nonprofit organisation is as strong as the community that holds it up. Together, we can do more. 

Let's gather our abilities and passion to affect real change in the congolese community. 


Take action with us. 

By becoming a member you make it possible for the CCWM to help more congoleses of the DMV area and you contribute to our project to create a Congo Cultural Center.

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