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All Congolese women are invited to join the launch of the CCWM Women Forum on March 20th 2021. The Women Forum is a new platform providing a monthly online meeting of Congolese women residents of D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

As an initiative of the CCWM to highlight the unconditional involvement of the women in our community, the CCWM Women Forum intend to fuel 3 goals.

  1. Acknowledgent the multiple angles of strength within the network,

  2. Building new relationships and learn from one another,

  3. Creating a monthly moment for women empowerment workshops.

Follow the CCWM's Facebook page and website, where the next events will always be announced.

Join the CCWM WOMEN FORUM on March 20th, 2021 Zoom Call starting at 7:00 PM (CLICK HERE)


March 20, 2021 | CCWM WOMEN FORUM

7:00 PM on Zoom

An opportunity for CCWM women to discuss various topics of interest that directly affect them, from mothering to finances, entrepreneurship, managing career while balancing family life and everything in between. Hosted by CCWM, the forum is an opportunity to gain wisdom from others, share tips, hear other women's experiences and most especially support, empower and encourage one another through the challenges of being a Congolese diaspora woman.


March 13, 2021 | CCWM WALK & TALK HIKE

10:00 PM at Black Hill Regional Park

An outdoor and socially distanced event for CCWM women to meet and connect as they enjoy an easy hike through Germantown's beautiful Black Hill Regional Park. Promoting an healthy lifestyle and encouraging our families to stay active. Bring your running shoes, water and your masks!

Montgomery Parks


Prior to visiting any of our parks, trails, or facilities, visit in a new tab) for more information.


Women's History Month 2021


International Women's Day - March 8, 2021


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