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2nd Anniversary for D. Clarisse

CCWM congratulates the hard work and dedication of Mrs Diane Clarisse as the President of our Board of Directors. The Founder & CEO of has shown once again how women leadership can bring health and prosperity to an organization like CCWM and she will definitely be remembered and celebrated for many years to come.

''Today is the anniversary of my election as Board Chair 2 Years ago.

It is an honor to serve the CCWM even though my term is going to end in one month.

Thanks to every one who voted me and thanks to the team I work with.

Time now to pass the torch to the next administration.

Together We Can.

The Future is female.'' - Diane Clarisse

''Before and After,

December 2018 I was elected Board Chair of CCWM and on December 2020 I passed the torch to my successor madam Mpunga Philomène ''




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