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Congolese NBA player Biyombo wishes to build an hospital

Phoenix Suns centre Bismack Biyombo will honour his late father by giving back to his home country. Biyombo announced Friday that he will be donating his entire salary from the 2021-22 season to build a new hospital in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The hospital will be named in honour of his father. “My salary for this year will be going to the construction of a hospital back home, to give hope to the hopeless at home,” Biyombo said in a video on his foundation’s YouTube channel. Biyombo said he was inspired by the medical professionals who cared for his father in his final days. But he said while he was able to provide his father comfort at European medical facilities through his NBA medical insurance, those resources aren’t as readily available in his homeland. He added that work has been done to renovate and upgrade existing facilities in the Congo, but he felt now was the time to “go bigger” by building a brand new medical centre.

Source: Sportsnet


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