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CCWM 2022 Women’s Day Fashion Show

Article by Marie-Monique Tambu

We are pleased to announce that the CCWM 2022 Women’s Day fundraising event on Saturday, March 5th for La Maison Congolaise was a great success!

Fashion designer, Sifa Love, was amazing with hosting the CCWM 2022 Women’s Fashion Show! Each piece was designed and stitched together with love as her name entails. Selected pieces for the show, showcased her best recently added pieces of her collection and were the main highlight of the fundraising event.

Mr. John, did a great job as Master of Ceremonies for the event and hyping up the crowd when it came to cheering for guests, performers, and of course, CCWM models where one would be crowned Miss CCWM 2022.

The event boasted over 100 people in attendance in the center of great food, music, musical performances, and a women’s day fashion show featuring SL Fashion Design in Olney, Maryland. Vendors at the event were the best Congolese Business men and women of the DMV area which featured: Monique T. of MMBEAUTY and its Healthy Hair Growth Oil, Lydia M. of StressFreenva and its Sea Moss gel and Hot Pepper products, Mama Tete of Mama Tete food, Carine B. of Belgolese Catering and it’s savory homemade jelly, Gaston of Congo River Shipping Services, and more. A segment of the program was detected for these congolese vendors to highlight what their product and services offered.

The response was wonderfully overwhelming as many joined in purchasing from the vendors at the event. Follow each Congolese vendor on Instagram (and other social media platforms) to learn more and invest:

Fashion Designer: Sifa Love of SL FASHION DESIGN @sifalove

Grow your hair long and strong: Monique of MMBEAUTY

Peace and Relaxation: Lydia of StressFree Therapeutic Massage @stressfreenva

Shipping to Congo (USA to DRC): Gaston of Congo River Shipping Services


Catering Service: Carine of Belgolese Catering @belgolesecatering

The main event was the Women’s Day fashion show. The audience, turned fashion show judges, looked on excitedly as they were tasked to rank each model, varying in size and age, wearing a unique Sifa Love design. Colors and designs were beautifully bold, yet hinted at a sophisticated edge any women could wear tastefully in her own right. The models, who underwent three wardrobe changes, gave it their best catwalk on the runaway with the last round ending with each model doing a quick freestyle dance that had the crowd cheering for more! The audience voted and model Bibo, was the crowned CCWM 2022 Women’s Day winner!

The crowned winner took first place with Sifa Love designs that bore bold colors like green, orange, yellow, gold, red, and hues of brown. Her first set was a flattering green and gold 2-piece pant set. The paired sleeveless, square neckline, peplum top and bell-bottomed, ankle slit pants, made for a chic and edgy business look style. The second piece was a blazer turned dress of striking yellow, gold, and brown hues. The waist cinching, A-line number making the cut just above the knee, could be easily paired with pants for a work look or not, for a grown woman outfit of the night instead. Nonetheless, the wide lapel on this piece really made it a show-stopper that added a “oh, la la” flare that would put any traditional blazer to shame.

The last design was a yellow one shoulder penciled dress adorned with a red, flowy, lightweight sash that crossed over the one shoulder and twirled playfully in the air with each step taken by the model. The show closed with songs of praise and worship.

We are happy to celebrate Women and to recognize and support our own in the Congolese small business community.

For more information :

CCWM Toll-free 1-800-404-4238


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