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Congolese Products Exhibition

Hi All - Last Thursday, I organized with two other friends (non-Congolese) a Coffee&Cake event in Dumfries (Northern Virginia) to promote the Congolese product Kwetu Kwenu Coffee from Goma in partnership with local entrepreneurs (black businesses).

The event was a success and people were amazed by the quality & taste of the Coffee we offered them (most had only been exposed to coffee from Columbia or Brazil).

We would like to organize a similar event in Maryland preferably at a reasonable distance from DC.

We are looking for 2-3 local MD entrepreneurs in the food business who would be interested to partner.

Feel free to contact CCWM

at: 1-800-404-4238

Only B2B talks please

No politics … No teaching …

No remarks that are out of context.

I am just trying to create an opportunity for positive minded Congolese brothers/sisters.

Thank you.

J. Kimpalou



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