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Dear CCWM Family,

Summer 2019 has ended with much success! The Executive Team and the Board of Directors continue to work hard to keep our community moving forward onto to ''Pathway to a Brighter and Better CCWM Future''.

CCWM #membership and participation continue to increase. We have made history: On November 23, 2019, CCWM will step forward to #volunteer time and service, helping another non-profit in Washington D.C. Let's keep this momentum, and soon enough, we will have a #CCWMHouse as well as a global impact. I could not be prouder of our community and our accomplishments, and the best is yet to come.

I invite more people to join by becoming a member for just $5 per month plus a one time $10 #registration fee. Your membership supports one another as well as the advancement of our community.

Truly yours,

President Claudine Sassa

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