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Seniors COVID Vaccine


Pre-registration for vaccine appointments for Montgomery County residents aged 75.

Governor Hogan has announced that Phase 1B, which includes persons 75 and older, will be eligible for COVID-19 vaccinations beginning Monday, January 18. Montgomery County’s COVID-19 vaccine pre-registration link for persons 75 and older is now open and we need your help!

Please share the pre-registration link with your networks and encourage anyone aged 75 and older who lives in Montgomery County to sign up now. Note that anyone can help eligible residents to pre-register using the online form and we encourage family members, friends, neighbors, nonprofits organizations, faith communities and community representatives to assist those needing support.

The registration form is currently available in English and Spanish. Other languages will be available soon. We hope to have a phone number available for additional support in the next week and will provide that information once it becomes available. In the meantime, please encourage those eligible in your network to pre-register.

Please also note Montgomery County has not yet received enough vaccine from the Maryland Department of Health to finish those in Priority Group 1A. We will begin vaccinating those in Priority Group 1B as soon as we can, while continuing to vaccinate those in Priority Group 1A. As we get more vaccine from the Maryland Department of Health, we will contact you to schedule your appointment.

For up-to-date information on the COVID-19 vaccine and to sign up for text/email alerts, visit the County's website at :


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