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UCEDI: Education is the Key to development

"Millions miss out on basic education in DR Congo."

"We help and raise Awareness in All Fields and take actions in order to stimulate the Development."


UCEDI was founded by Mr. Jean Mayaka, our brother and devoted member of the Congolese Community of Washington Metropolitan, who also honorably served as President of the CCWM, as well as being part of the originators of this organization, while being still one of the most implicated in the community.

In his own words

"Volunteering as President of various Non-profit organizations, or Communities or Associations in the past was supposed to be a short-term commitment, but it became a life-long journey. I'm so fortunate to be able to impact the lives of others, while partnering with some of the most passionate and driven entrepreneurs and life changers on the globe." (J.M.)

What is UCEDI ?

In 2016, Jay Mayaka initiates this non-profit organization and reached out to experts in different fields (Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, Project Consultants, Human Resources Managers, Environmentalists, Teachers, Agronomists, Financial & Economic Experts, etc.) for an invitation to join the organization and to work for good causes. A team of College and University Degrees, Professionals, and organizations have found interest in this respectable vision and have joined the management of this organization in order to make a difference.

UCEDI stands for US Congolese Education & Development Initiatives



It takes one person to have a vision to change the world with the effort of all. We will devote the time and energy necessary to educate, advocate and bring the development for all and to all.

"Locally, nationally and internationally, our team is a vocal advocate for the disadvantaged people and reinforce people awareness for their health, economic and finances, environment protection, respect to established laws. We travel the globe to help children and families in need."



Our Outreach team in DR Congo needs your help immediately. Basic school, medical supplies, food, and computer equipments are in high demand.

Make your contribution now.




I. Outreach and Awareness for:

1) Basic Education, Career Development, and New Technologies;

2) Public Health and Diseases Prevention;

3) Finance, Investment, and Small Businesses creation;

4) Agricultural and Environment;

5) Law and Immigration;​

II. Communities and Individual Projects or Initiatives:

To help improve lifestyles in all fields, as practical ways to impact disadvantaged people, or any targeted groups of interest (Youth, Women, Students, Parents, Individuals living with Disabilities, Pygmies, etc.);

III. Various Other Activities stimulating the Development:

Workshops, Festivals, Conferences, Sportive Activities and Educational Camps; Also create Learning and Information Centers.


For more information and further collaboration:

Please get in touch with the US Congolese Education & Development Initiatives / UCEDI

By Phone: +1.3015266873

By Fax: +1.2404915496

Follow UCEDI Founder on Twitter: @presidentjeanm


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