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What is Juneteenth?

Happy Juneteenth, BANA CCWM,

Sunday, June 18, 2023, the Congolese community represented by CCWM was honored to participate in the prayer for the DRC national Independence Day celebration, organized by the Harvest International Church.

Ezalaki kitoko Makasi.

Thank you to those who attended!

About Juneteenth, The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture has incredibly rich and dynamic information on the African American journey in this country, and they do not disappoint on this holiday.

As time allows, check out The Historical Legacy of Juneteenth and, should you want to explore deeper (which I HIGHLY suggest), spend some time in the Juneteenth Digital Toolkit. It is a wonderful resource for young and mature people alike, something for everyone.

Let us honor the past and embrace the future! We still have work to do for our future CCWM generation to learn …together!

Thank you,

Dady Djamba

Chairman of the Board



What is Juneteenth?

The post-emancipation period known as Reconstruction (1865-1877) marked an era of great hope, uncertainty, and struggle for the nation as a whole. Formerly enslaved people immediately sought to reunify families, establish schools, run for political office, push radical legislation and even sue slaveholders for compensation. Given the 200+ years of enslavement, such changes were nothing short of amazing. Not even a generation out of slavery, African Americans were inspired and empowered to transform their lives and their country.

Juneteenth marks our country’s second independence day. Although it has long celebrated in the African American community, this monumental event remains largely unknown to most Americans.

Source: NMAAHC

Read More about Juneteenth:


Emancipation Day celebration, June 19, 1900 held in "East Woods" on East 24th Street in Austin. Credit: Austin History Center.


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